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First Maysnow studio album "The Unexpected" out Oct. 23rd, 2020 with BDistrit label


Post-grunge band from Lecce (south Italy)


The second electric videoclip from "The Unexpected", premiered on MetalInItaly.it


Beyond the concept of band, MAYSNOW is a musical project founded by Daniele Rini (Ghost of Mary, Silvered) in memory of the friend MIMMO ANGELINI. The tight cooperation and synergy with the guitarist Roberto Vergallo (ex-Silvered) allowed the creation of a well-defined musical path. Maysnow songs develops through "the memories, blending with the dream, a dream that you wish it was the reality". Artistic coordinates fall into the grunge rock field, sometimes soft and acoustic, blended with the metal’s dark atmosphere. The project includes the participation of various musicians, most of which had the luck of meeting Mimmo. Some tracks are already recorded, thanks to the precious support of Ercole Buccolieri (Il Confine) and Lorenzo Valentino (Last Resistance, Silvered), the latter present also in live concerts. Moreover, the piano of Stefano De Laurenzi (ex-Silvered) is present to beautify the project. Stefano is a special guest in 2 tracks. Daniele and Roberto officially presented the project on November 10th, 2016 at the Twentyfour Club (Lecce) during the first evening of the “Salotto Musicale” program, directed by Luca Nicolì. Then other shows come in Salento, Basilicata, Campania and Piedmont. On Agosto 10th, 2017 (birthday of Mimmo) we published the videoclip of the first single “White Marble”, followed by the official lyric video of "The Circle of the Unexpected". Both works were realized by Daniele Ostuni. The project also included the cooperation with the cellist Luca Basile (Elegy of Madness), which can be heard in the track “I Drift”. The drummer Luigi Luperto (ex-Flows) recorded the drum tracks for the album. Other musician will be announced soon. In June 2018 the project grew up thanks to the bassist Nicola Lezzi (Ghost of Mary) and the pianist Antonio De Rubertis officially joining the project. From April 2019 Damiano Rielli (Ghost of Mary, Letha) is the new drummer of the band. The first MAYSNOW record is called “The Unexpected” and contains 10 tracks. It will be published in 2020.


Daniele Rini


Daniele Rini was born artistically in Brindisi with the Hazy Brain (acoustic rock, 2002/2006). In those years he also founded Burning Seas (nu-thrash metal, 2003/2006), and after a short period with Shank (alternative metal-core, 2006/2007) and with Terremoto (extreme metal, 2006/2008), in 2007 he founded Silvered (doom death metal). With them he recorded 2 demos and 3 cds and he played a remarkable number of concerts.

Over the years he has collaborated with various rock and metal bands, both live and in the studio: Coil Commemorate Enslave (black metal), Evillive (melodic death metal), Warknife (death metal) and Seahouse (instrumental rock).

In 2015 he recorded “While Time Slowly Flows (pt.1)” with DuMal (post-grunge, 2015/2017) and in the same year he became the singer of Ghost of Mary (symphonic death metal), with which he recorded “Oblivaeon” and made a tour of about 20 dates between Italy, Switzerland, France and England.

In 2016 the new musical adventure called Maysnow started.

Roberto Vergallo

Acoustic & Electric guitars

Roberto Vergallo is a computer engineer with a special passion for music. He began playing guitar at the age of 20 as an autodidact, while he was attending his studies in engineering. His interest in DIY lead him to strongly develop his sound, by building custom effects and customizing his guitars by himself.

After an important experience with the doom/prog metal band Silvered (2008-2010), he stopped playing music in order to accomplish his professional objectives. In 2016 he decided to recover his guitar, and to contact Daniele. So the Maysnow project was born.

In 2017 he began composing some instrumental songs for a solo project called By This River (2017-2018). In this period he developed his capabilities as a songwriter. Such skills significantly contributed to move the Maysnow sound for mainly acoustic to an electric project

Nicolas Lezzi


Since his childhood, music has been part of Nicola’s life, also thanks to the 7-inch records of his parents.

At the age of 13 he started studying at the conservatory G. Paisiello in Taranto, attending the french horn class. For Nicola this was the beginning of a career in the classical music, by playing numerous concerts in Italy both in theatres and outside.

But the passion for rock music has always been behind the corner. So a day he bought a guitar and a book, and started playing as an autodidact. Then, for strict needs of the bands, he moved to the electrical bass, discovering a huge feel with that instrument.

2006-2017 / Slowdeath
2012-2018 / Il Confine
2013-2016 / DuMal
2016-to date / Ghost Of Mary
2019-to date / Maysnow

Antonio De Rubertis

Piano & keyboards

After his studies at the Tito Schipa conservatory in Lecce, Antonio De Rubertis (Deru) left the classical studies in order to deal with other musical genres.

In the past he has joined some local bands, today he is the keyboardist of Maysnow and IoPellegrino.

Passionate of electronic/neoclassical experimental music, currently he is working on composing and producing an original soundtrack for a movie. He is also working on a solo project which will be released in 2020.

He works as a Computer and Cyber Security Engineer in a multinational IT company.

"... and I'll forget my own name, and I'll be here to meet you again... "



LISTEN: https://pirames.lnk.to/TheUnexpected

BUY: https://maysnow.bandcamp.com/


Moving Mouth (Alfredo Rizzo AR Production , 2019)


Echoes of Rain (Daniele Ostuni , 2019)


The Circle of the Unexpected (Daniele Ostuni , 2018)


White Marble [acoustic reprise] (Daniele Ostuni , 2017)


Crawling [Linkin Park live cover] (Atraz & Emilia videography , 2018)

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